The Elenchus Institute is dedicated to assisting anyone who is interested in learning. We take pride in our extensive knowledge within our fields of expertise and in our ability to listen, explain and understand.

Our Philosophy

  • The individual is his or her own best teacher. Well equipped with prerequisite skills and the tools for critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, and decision making, an individual can thrive. This is regardless of any learning challenges he/she faces, his/her educational environment, and the quality of his/her instructor.
  • Every mind is inherently creative and desires to learn something.
  • The human mind is not a blank slate, rather it is a complex and unique set of strengths and weaknesses which can develop according to its own nature.
  • To achieve, one must risk failure.
  • Failure provides great opportunities for learning.
  • An individual mind needs an individualized solution.

Michael Mustard

Michael Mustard is the President and Founder of the Elenchus Institute. He has been teaching, tutoring, and mentoring high school and universitystudents for the past 20 years. He developed a passion for teaching and tutoring during his years as an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. There he completed a double honours major in math and physics.  As his business has grown, his talent in taking complex concepts and ideas and presenting them in clear and understandable ways has given him a reputation for teaching excellence. A compulsive reader,Michael continues to expand the breadth of his knowledge to be able to assist more students across a wider variety of subjects. He enjoys being able to mentor students not just in one subject or for one year, but for the duration of their academic career. His youngest student in currently in grade nine; his eldest just completed a Masters Degree in Economics. Last year one of his students was accepted into Harvard Engineering after achieving top marks in all her Advanced Placement exams. Michael continues to work with this student remotely. Other recent students of his have been accepted to UBC, SFU, UVIC, QUEEN’S,  McGILL, WESTERN, UofT, BISHOPS, UofMONTREAL HARVARD, PRINCETON, BROWN, PENN STATE, USC, and LONDON MEDICAL SCHOOL among others.

Michael has successfully worked with more than 1000 students over the years. He feels it is his mission in life to help students realize their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

  • His students come from all over the learning spectrum, from students who are striving to understand the basics of a subject, to high achievers who are trying to meet challenging program entrance requirements.
  • He has extensive experience working with students who struggle with challenges associated with ADHD or Asperger Syndrome/Autism spectrum.